Shinshu Selection

Shinshu Selection is a course full of blessing from Nagano prefecture.
We offer you a special and exclusive esthetic treatment with the energy of retro warehouse build in Edo era.
This course was made especially for tourists from outside Nagano prefecture or Japan to enjoy beautiful aspects of Nagano prefecture to the full.

Essential Oil of Kiso Hinoki
(Japanese Cypress)

Essential oil of Kiso Hinoki is used in the course.
We deliver the energy of Kiso, one of the spiritual places in Japan, to your body and soul.
Massaging with this oil calms your mind as if you are forest-bathing and helps your blood and lymph flow smoothly.

Spring Water from Matsumoto City

Matsumoto city is a city where underground water is gushing out of underground and is called as a city of waterways.
Names of several towns in Matsumoto city come from water-related words such as Izumi-cho (Izumi means fountain)
in Asahi district where ICOU is located.
There are 4 places selected as 100 exquisite and well-conserved waters in Heisei era in Matsumoto city.
ICOU is drawing water from “Metoba’s spring”,
“Genchi’s well” and “Wakagaeri Water” for making herb tea,
foot bath, hot stones, carbonic mist and air purification.

Cosmetics made from Chamomile from Ikeda-cho

Ikeda-cho, Azumino city is famous for herbs.
We are using cosmetics made from Chamomile from Ikeda-cho called “Kamitsure” for facial treatment (“Kamitsure” cream for aromatic body treatment”).
The power of Chamomile grown up in nature of Nagano prefecture soothes your skin and collect yourself.
It also relieves skin stress from UV rays and overeating during your journey.

Course Flow


We will ask you if you have stiff parts, skin troubles, injuries, diseases and cosmetic rashes.
※We might not be able to give you treatment depending on your physical condition.

Foot Bath or Hot Stone

You can choose foot bath or hot stones. If your legs are tired, we recommend foot bath.
If you are feeling physical exhaustion, we recommend hot stones.

Other Courses

You can use ingredients from Shinshu selection with 500 yen even if you don’t choose Shinshu selection.
You can also add optional treatments to your course.

Herb Tea with Spring Water

Herb tea made from Ikeda herbs and spring water from Matsumoto city for every customer.
Please enjoy to your heart’s content.

  • ※Counseling time, changing time and foot bath time are not included in the treatment time. These may take 15 to 20 minutes in addition to treatment time.
  • ※Depends on courses and situation, couple massage and massage during non-business hours are available. Feel free to ask the staff.

Shinshu Selection